Connecting the Dots

10 starting gallerists | 11 artists | Antwerp Art Weekend

Cartel22 is collective of 10 starting gallerists organizing together the Connecting the Dots exhibition bringing new and established artists.

Through this exhibition we aim to connect people in this fragemented world using art as the medium.

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Anubhuti Gallery

founded by Helga Peeters

Helga Peeters founded anubhuti with a love for the 'Indian spirit' in Belgium in 2007, anubhuti became a channel that connects the soul of Asia and Europe with the world through art, travel, and local culture.
A gallery is so much more than an accumulation of accidental discoveries and can be a source of connection and inspiration.
A gallery, then, is not an archive that stands still until it is activated. It is productive and changing. Here we can read and listen, here meaning and implication can be captured, dissected, reinterpreted and so live on in the minds of others. The intersections of people all point to the need for ideas to thrive and flourish. A gallery, therefore, embodies the joy of experiencing practices of diverse sensibilities, under both joyful and stark circumstances.
Art is free, which is precisely why it can hold up a mirror to society.
This is what I would like to put down, in dialogue with artists, visitors, and the works I love and admire.


Artsjop Gallery

founded by Geert Van Landeghem

ARTSJOP has been founded by Geert Van Landeghem, a data consultant, and will focus on Contemporary art and Street Art from artists from Belgium and around the world. A catalogue of artworks is currently offered online at and we plan to open an offline Gallery may 1st 2022 in Dendermonde. ARTSJOP Gallery will show original works by Amber Geuns, a promising new voice, in the Connecting the Dots exhibition. These and other works will also be shown in the gallery in june.



founded by Liesbeth Wallebroek

Art.Wallebroek Gallery, an evolving idea from Liesbeth Wallebroek, proudly presents the work of Leen Van Rossem, an artist fascinated by textures and fabrics. Her work is the result of a thorough investigation of covered objects and persons exposed to light and movement. The casing gets all our attention. Each painting raises questions and goes in dialogue with the viewer.


BOG ART Gallery

founded by Marc Bogaert

BOG ART Gallery is a start-up art gallery in Stekene. The gallery wants to specialize in a wide variety of forms , genres and styles of artworks from national and international artists in their emerging and middle careers. The gallery also offers sculptures and lithographs of important major artists of the classical modernist era. The goal of the gallery is to elicit the fascination and joy in exploring and purchasing art for the first time buyer as well as the seasoned collector.



founded by Arlene Van Bulck

The most important goal of Day One has always been connecting people. 15 years ago Day One started as a travel agency connecting people to people , people to business, people to new experiences and also people to Art. The Corona crisis made it very difficult to travel and to bring people together. Difficult to visit other cities and enjoy the richness of other cultures. This made us think about the future. In a world full of change, you have to be open for this change and reinvent your goals and your strategy. When it is difficult to bring people to Art, why not bring Art to People? Day one changed direction and is now all about connecting Art to people and in a lesser extent people to Art.

The goal and focus of the gallery will be the collaboration with artists "from day one". What we experienced from the Corona crisis is that change on itself can be a very interesting fact to work with. That is also the reason why Day One Gallery will stand for “challenging the change”. We want to give our support and service to new emerging talent with new ideas, artists with a new twist in their oeuvre or artists using a new medium.


Gallery Barbara Castermans

founded by Barbara Castermans

Barbara Castermans founded Confocus in 2004, organizing and connecting knowledge through legal congresses, seminars and webinars for a variety of high-level professionals such as lawyers, notaries, environmental consultants, … Barbara is now taking her first steps in the art sector, starting by representing Freddy Schoofs, an artist based in Hasselt, during the Antwerp Art Weekend.


Galerie O_debut

founded by Stephanie Borremans

Introducing new artists into the art scene, o_debut is taking ‘age is nothing but a number’ to a new level. In constant search for local and international artists high on experience in life, less in finding their audience. Helping them to connect with their public, o_debut helps them by organizing easy going events. Crossover with popup bars is only one of the possibilities.

( s o o n ) Gallery

founded by Doris Vanistendael

( s o o n ) gallery showcases up and coming talent, from within and outside our Belgian borders. Situated in a duplex on the 13th floor of the Riverside Tower, a brutalist gem by renown architects Léon Stynen and Paul De Meyer overlooking the river, the city and the Antwerp harbour, ( s o o n ) combines the functions of a gallery and a holiday home. The aim is to let people spend more time than usual in a gallery, living their daily lives surrounded by artworks. Part of this concept is showing art that is small enough in size and price that you can put it in your suitcase and take home. However, ( s o o n ) will not be limited to this concept, the artistic vision of the gallery is not fixed and will evolve with time and with experience gained. In the near future the gallery will organise residencies for foreign artists in the duplex, coupled with an exhibition of the work created. At the moment the space is undergoing renovations and is planned to open early spring/summer 2022.


Startegica Gallery

founded by Guy Lefever

Startegica has been founded by Guy Lefever in 2020 focusing on high-level advisory mandates for technology, life sciences and manufacturing companies and with a specific interest to support young artists to transform technology into art. As such it is looking to promote young artists who transform digital technology into creative art. We are currently working together with David Serati to promote his digital illustration studio work to a wider public. We will present new work from David during the cARTel22 exhibition in May 2022



Amber Geuns

represented by ARTSJOP Gallery


Amber Geuns, born in 1999, is a Belgian artist who works within the mediums of painting and drawing. She lives and works in Limburg and is currently in the process of obtaining her master's degree in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. During her third year at the academy, she was given the opportunity to exhibit at the London Art Biennale 2021. In addition, her works have also been admired several times in group exhibitions in and around the Antwerp academy. In the first stage of her artistic process, Amber acts as a director. She creates characters, their costumes and directs their movements and placement in the work. Her paintings and drawings provide an insight into her imaginary world.

Works by Amber

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Asia Nyembo Mireille

Represented By Laetitia Sabiti


Drawing, installation, video, photography and performance, are choices of artistic languages ​​in which I find a great freedom of expression which pushes to answer questions about being in the face of one's self inside, facing his identity, his culture, his memory. And on personal awareness and responsibility to write my story in my way.

Works by Asia

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Bram Eliaert

Represented By BOG ART Gallery


Beliaert draws inspiration from his many travels, the people he meets, the pictures he takes, and the ideas that come to him. In his work, he is very much driven by an intense craving for spirituality. Nevertheless, he struggles with the many taboos, rules and regulations that the various religions impose on their followers. Beliaert tries to expose these taboos in his works in a light-hearted way. At the same time, he doesn’t want to come across as offensive or judgmental. Humour is the best remedy against rigidity. The Life of Brian versus the Ten Commandments. Beautiful examples of this are the sculptures Lichtgever [Giver of Light] and Lingasana. Another recurrent subject is balance, which may or may not be faltering. It is the struggle that we as humans go through to bring life to a good conclusion. This is a tough process of constant trial and error and trying to keep going.

Works by Bram E.

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Bram Vanderbeke

Presented by ( s o o n ) Gallery


Bram Vanderbeke works with hard, industrial materials like concrete, aluminum, steel and wood: materials that are present in architecture and urban environments. He stacks elements, like an architect, and looks for intriguing connections between certain materials.

The ambiguity of his objects is very appealing: is it an artwork or is it something functional, is it a left-over or is meant to be so rough and raw, is it furniture or a piece of art, or both. Bram explores and transforms the possible interactions between an object, its architectural environment and its user, further challenged by raw materiality, form and functionality. His works are in the same time autonomous artistic manifestations and utile solutions, an ambiguity Bram deliberately aims for

Works by Bram V.

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David Serati

represented by Startegica Gallery


Perspectives, composition, lighting and vivid colors make up the core of David's graphic design. Through his illustrations, he aims to unveil the sometimes hidden beauty of places, be they real or imaginary. In his pieces, he highlights distinctive features to offer a new take on reality – an outlook he sometimes embellishes with naive elements. He describes his work as "a window to a more colorful world". David's influences are the Bauhaus movement and the Memphis Group. Urban contexts are also another source of inspiration from him, so much so that he pays attention to every detail when exploring. Modernist architecture is probably what thrills him the most.

Works by David

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represented by DAY ONE GALLERY


Filip Anthonissen paints with the innovative airbrush technique and makes it immediately clear with his paintings what the work aspires to: an intriguing readability that makes us long for the continuation of the stories that are initially depicted in his work.

After years of mainly video and digital work, Filip opts for a new medium. He paints acrylic on MDF with airbrush technique. The use of this technique together with his conscious choice of color results in a particular visual effect that is very close to the hazy, dreamy atmosphere of his digital work.

Just at the moment of this turn in his oeuvre we meet by chance. As a follow-up to his participation in the Gaverprijs, this will be the 2nd exhibition for Filip's new work.

Works by Filip

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Freddy Schoofs

represented by Gallery BARBARA CASTERMANS


Freddy Schoofs is a minimalist artist who lives and works in Hasselt. At the young age of 12, he discovered Rubens in the Antwerp cathedral. The impact of this first acquaintance was enormous. The blueprint of his style was therefore fixed early on, and is based on the use of colour and the compositions of Rubens and other European masters.

Works by Freddy

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Gilles Mayk Navangi

represented by Laetitia Sabiti


Gilles Mayk Navangi is a painter and illustrator.

His work presents a dreamlike universe composed of graphic patterns, stylized vegetation and human silhouettes that intermingle. The importance that the artist gives to symbols and body posture is influenced by Ancient Egypt’s frescoes and by moderns such as Keith Haring.

G. M. Navangi gives us to look at the Man, that he wishes to be solidary and fraternal. He reinterprets and appropriates moments of the history of African civilizations in order to change some popular stereotypes. He tends to create a panel of graphic characters tracing a temporal thread going from Ancient Egypt to Afrofuturism.

Works by Gilles

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Leen Van Rossem

represented by Art.Wallebroek


Leen’s work is mostly recognized by figurative oil paintings referring to themes such as suggestive casings, portraits and figures, mountains and environment in general. She is also fascinated by the realistic rendering of various types of fabrics where the connection with the way renaissance and baroque artists accurately painted the costumes of their time is visible. Painting elements with different scales in one setting results in a surrealistic dream image. Contemporary artists such as Marc Manders, Luc Tuymans, Marlène Dumas and Raoul De Keyzer are a source of inspiration.

In her abstract work transformation is the keyword. In her studio she creates objects in clay and plaster, envelops it with various fabrics and paints them from different angles. Work can also be re-used in new settings, overpainted etc.

Works by Leen

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Nico Vaerewijck

represented by Anubhuti Gallery


Nico Vaerewijck lives and works in Eksaarde, Belgium. In a short period Nico Vaerewijck developed an abstracting- figurative style with subjects that appeal to reality.

As common for a lot of the contemporary painters, his images are based upon old footage of photographs, filmstills and documentaries. His Neo-fauvistic imagery translates into a wild enthusiasm and respect for the art of painting. A bold coloration in combination with an obvious use of drippings and at first sight nonchalant brushwork distinguish him as one of the most intuitive painters of his generation. Where the paintings have a seemingly obvious reality, the images are manipulated in such a way that the viewer is left orphaned. The viewer is initially familiar with the work, but is facing a blurred image that did not immediately relate to the subject, which makes the work simultaneously mysterious and inscrutable.

Nico Vaerewijck studied painting at the academy of Sint-Niklaas. He was laureate Legaat Hulstaert in 2012 and was also nominated for Belfius Art 2013.

Works by Nico

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Sigrid Verhulst

represented by O_debut Galerie


Movement, balance, expression, repetition are just a few keywords Sigrid takes from her dance career into her sculpture. Searching for space and working with the female body, she makes the crossover between her 2 greatest passions. Playing with contrast (hard – soft, movement – static, natural – artificial) and her experiments with new materials she gives a new dimension to sculpture. You think you know the materials? Think again.

Works by Sigrid

Victor Dullaert

represented by BOG ART Gallery


In an increasingly fast-moving world, the artist finds peace behind the drawing board. During the process of creation and realization, the artist can completely shut himself off from the daily complexity of today's society.

Works by Victor

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  • Vernissage: Thursday 26/5 from 6pm to 9pm
  • Friday 27/5 from 12am tot 6pm
  • Saturday from 12am tot 6pm
  • Sunday from 12am tot 6pm


Maurice Verbaetsteeg 21, 2018 Antwerpen